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Innovative Glass and Plexiglass is your local glass company that is constantly improving itself always using the newest technology, products, and process to improve the lives of our customers. Taking an approach of always improving, and pushing the glass and plexiglass industry into the future is what gives Innovative Glass and Plexiglass customers the clear advantage.

Innovative Glass and Plexiglass started in the glass industry as a repair business for broken windows and screens. Having an owner operator with a thirst for knowledge, and love of the glass industry it was a short time before Innovative Glass and Plexiglass was making custom tabletops and insulated glass units (thermal pane glass). Now Innovative Glass and Plexiglass has the ability to complete any glass project including tempered glass, low-e, laminated glass, privacy glass, mirrors even bullet proofing to name a few. Innovative Glass and Plexiglass also has the ability to custom cut and ship plexiglass anywhere in the country. We are able to do all this while still being able to serve our neighbors by repairing there broken screens and windows.

Innovative Glass and Plexiglass cares about your job, big or small we have an owner/operator on every job site. Having an owner/operator with at least 15 years experience our customers have the advantage of having a true expert that they can ask any question to.

Innovative Glass and Plexiglass is devoted to customer service. Clear communication and keeping the customer aware of progress every step of the way. Showing up on time and getting the job completed on time and for the price we quoted is the standard not the exception. We will take the time to explain and show you exactly what we are doing for you, as well as offer you multiple solutions for your project. Innovative Glass and Plexiglass will address any questions and concerns immediately and do anything to make our customers happy.


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